One month down! Many more to go….


Reflecting on my first month as a Chippewa and an official college student, there are already so many things that I have learned:

1.) The food is sub par but the ice cream definitely isn’t!

Many times I have made it halfway out the door of the cafeteria and my stomach is already telling me it wasn’t a fan of whatever I just ate, but, this never seems to be an issue with the ice cream. I can really never go wrong with the waffle cone filled with twist ice cream, completed with colorful sprinkles on top. Now I know you are all now judging me on what I am eating, but this is leading to my next point.

2.) The gym is already my best friend.

Like most freshmen, one of the scariest things about college is the amount of times that people say “You WILL gain the freshmen 15.” I am determined to be one of the freshman to defy that saying. I promise I don’t eat the ice cream every day as much as I wish I could. Since I’m paying enough money to be here and part of that money goes towards me being able to use the wonderful athletic facilities, I decided that now is the time to get on started on my workout grind. Wish me luck as I continue that journey…

3.) Holy clubs!

For those of you who know the stereotype of CMU, you might be thinking I’m talking about clubs like Wayside, but I’m talking about the good clubs: the student organizations. I can’t even count how many there are at CMU, it’s so cool and so overwhelming. I recently joined two clubs, one religious and one that deals with children. I know both of these clubs will help me build my relationships with my community, fellow Chippewa’s, and even my faith. I am looking forward to all the service oppurtunities I will experince and all the bible studies I will be participating in.

4.) A whole new love for talking on the phone

Before going to college I absolutely hated having to call someone… I know, such a 21st century sounding teen, but seriously I hated it. Ever since going to college and being so far from my family, my best friends, and my boyfriend, there is something so reassuring about hearing their voices and being able to laugh together even though distance comes between us. It has helped me cope with my homesickness(which has gotten a lot better as well!).

5.) College marching band rocks

Ok maybe having practice every day doesn’t, but I have never felt more loved than I do when I am with the CMU marching band. We have so much fun that the long, hot, hard practices don’t even matter in the end. Also, it feels so good to be appreciated. Never once in high school did I feel like the student section actually cared about the marching band, so here, marching onto the field for the first time and hearing thousands of college kids cheering me on, had never felt better.

This list could go on and on and I probably should have included some of the hard things I’ve learned because trust me I am not living the dream every day up here. This journey is definitely going to be long and classes are only going to get harder, but the journey has already taught me so much more than I can ever comprehend and I am looking forward to the next few years because I know they will fly by.


Until next post! Happy almost Friday 🙂


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