Gearing up

Leadership Training

I am so excited to announce that this weekend I will be joining my wonderful LAS cohort on a service project to Detroit on Friday and Saturday! We will working with many non-profit organizations while learning more about Detroit’s history. I will be writing two blog posts on my pre and post thoughts of the trip.

Detroit has gone through quite a ride of ups and downs and I am so humbled to help serve in a city that is very near and dear to my heart. Right now, there are many social issues happening in Detroit. Although I have not experienced them myself, some of the issues that I have heard of are poverty, racism, and crime. Many times when I visit Detroit whether it is with family or friends, one of the most said quotes of the time is “stick nearby” or “buddy up” because many tourists fear the city. Although I have witnessed poverty in the city in person, issues such as crime and racism I have only heard about many times through the media.

Part of the reason my cohort is going on this trip is because of the Leadership Institute’s purpose and vision which states:

PURPOSE: Central Michigan University is committed to preparing Michigan’s students and citizens for leadership roles in an increasingly complex and challenging society.

VISION: The Leadership Institute prepares the next generation of individuals who will act responsibly to improve the quality of life, state of the economy, and communities in which they live and work.

It is incredibly important that as leaders we are humble to every society and know how to lead in any situation and culture that we are in. This service learning experience will help us as young leaders learn what it is like to lead in a “complex society” and it will open our eyes to all new experiences while humbling us to how blessed we are. This experience will also push us to further the quality of life in a town that needs more emerging leaders! Although we won’t be able to change the whole city of Detroit, we will be making some sort of difference and that is all that matters.

Finally, I am looking forward to growing as an individual from this experience. I am excited to spend the night in the city and just keep my eyes open to what I am experiencing. After talking to my mentor about this trip, she says “what you put in is what you get out” and I am very ready to put my all in so that I can further grow my knowledge in every aspect that this trip has to offer.



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