One of the key things about college is finding where you fit in and getting involved so that you can meet many friends and grow as a person! Here are some of my involvements thus far:

Marching Band: In high school I was very much involved in my band program and one of my favorite times of the year was marching band season. Both my parents were in CMU’s marching band and I heard countless stories about how much fun, motivating me to do it. I can not thank this group enough for welcoming me with open arms and for just being a great group. I have already met so many great friends through it and I can’t wait for seasons to come!

LAS: So I think everyone who has read this blog knows that I am a part of one of the best programs in the world. I am one of 50 students who received a scholarship through CMU who were seen as leaders throughout our high school careers. I competed for this scholarship because I wanted to be a part of a close-knit group of amazing college students and I really wanted to develop my leadership skills especially for my future profession. Being in this program has not only given me great leadership experiences, it has also brought me the best roommates and friends, and a GREAT mentor! I am so beyond thankful for this group and I can’t wait to keep pushing myself to be a better leader.

FCA: As part of our LAS protocol we are required to be in at least one RSO(registered student organization) our first year. I was really excited for this opportunity to find a group to get involved in because CMU offers too many to even count! The club that I joined is called Future Child Advocates and it is a group that raises awareness for domestic violence. We do fundraisers to raise money and donate it to different foster cares, shelters, and many other organizations. We have had guest speakers come in that work with children who are going through a hard home life. This group has really opened my eyes to experiences I will encounter as a teacher.

Intervarsity: Coming to college I was very nervous that I wasn’t going to find a solid church group like I had at home(and let’s be honest that is never going to happen) but through a friend, I was introduced to a great small group called Intervarsity. We meet once a week and find a passage from God’s word to just really dig deep into. This group reminded a lot of what I used to do at my home church and I instantly fell in love. I love being surrounded by fellow CMU students that also care about their relationship with God and I love how much I have grown closer to God in these past few months.


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