Leader Advancement Scholarship(LAS)


I have only been in this amazing program for a few months and I am already so in love with everything it has already brought me and the people I have met. The Leader Advancement Scholarship is a competitive scholarship that over thousands of kids apply for. These are typically the kids who were actively involved in many clubs, sports, events, etc., during their high school career. The scholarship gets narrowed down to only 50 students forming the Leader Advancement Scholars. Each freshman is provided with a sophomore mentor who helps them with just about anything they need throughout their freshman year and any years after that. My mentor is Kerisa and she is the best mentor I could ever ask for. She is an amazing friend and she is ALWAYS positive. Through LAS, I will be pushed way out of my comfort zone so that I can become the best leader I can be. I am beyond thankful to be a part of this amazing group and I can’t wait to see what I gain from it.

Group photo credit: Jesi Ekonen

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