When asked what my passions are, it’s hard for me to avoid saying things such as bread and mac n cheese, even though I am VERY passionate about my foods. On a serious note though, if you haven’t yet read my education page, then it would be new information to you that I am very passionate about kids; I have been for a long time. I adore working with them and just playing around with them. I honestly think that I learn so much more from kids, than they learn from me. I love getting to watch them learn new things and experience many 1sts in their lives.

Another thing I am very passionate about is music. Having grown up in a house with two parents who are incredibly talented in the music field, it’s hard not to love it. This leads a lot of people to ask me “Why not music ed or something with music?” My answer to that is this: As much as I love music and playing my clarinet, I do it as something that calms me and brings me so much joy. I know that if I were to major in it, I would overwhelm myself with it. Music will always be a part of me and I hope to install the importance of it into the lives of my children when I am older.



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