One skill I posses is organization. I’ve always been a neat person and through years of organizing and re-organizing my personal things, I’ve become quite good at physical organization. More than that, from my years as a student I’ve also become quite good at keeping organized with the school work. To get through college I have a planner with all my upcoming events and assignments and then several to do lists based on what tasks are most important at the moment.


Being open-minded and non-judging is very important, and I love learning about other people and what they believe in. I think it is key to remain open minded because you don’t know what others are going through or what’s happening in their lives so just love people the way they are.


I believe that I am a very kind and accepting person because I believe kindness is key. I want to use this skill in my classroom as a teacher to show love to my students and teach them how just being kind to someone can change their lives. Sometimes all people need is just someone to smile at them.


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