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Leadership Education

I would just like to begin this post by saying that if I was undecided about a major, I would know for sure that I do not belong where I might have to debate frequently. If you know me, you’d know that the thought of having to argue with someone is not my speciality. As part of my LAS protocol, I had to take a debate class where we practiced two types of debates against our classmates. I will say though, this class really opened my eyes since it took place right around the presidential debates. We learned all about different styles of debates, types of logical fallacies, and how to properly argue a topic with someone. I’m not going to say that I am in any way better at debating than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but I will say that comparing what I learned in class to what I saw on TV, it makes me cringe a little bit when I constantly watched them “breaking the rules of debate”. Although I will admit that this class was definitely not my favorite, I will admit that it did open my eyes to the many ways that it will impact my leadership experience. Often times, we as humans try too hard to get everyone to agree with you, but sometimes you have to accept that people are have their own opinions that they are entitled to, and if they are passionate enough about them, you won’t be able to change it. There are all sorts of leaders around the world that are very passionate about different things which can lead to some head budding when you think that your ideas might be better. This class helped me realize the importance of hearing everyones side to an issue and being open to hearing what they have to say.

I am happy to say that I have learned so much and gained so much knowledge about debate from this class and I will definitely be taking what I learned and applying to my life and my future jobs.