Connecting @ Connections

Leadership Training

Holy moly what an amazing(and exhausting) weekend it was! On Friday I boarded a bus with lots of other CMU leaders on it and we eagerly awaited our arrival at Connections Conference 2016. The conference was designed to do exactly what it did- bring leaders together from all around campus and further develop our leadership skills. I could on and on about all the amazing things I learned, how much fun the water park was, and I would love to talk to any one who wants to hear all about what I did, but I’m going to narrow this blog post down to my¬†favorite session.

Gettin’ Dirty: The Dirty Dozen

For those of you who don’t know what “The Dirty Dozen” are, they are the top 12 rationalizations and excuses we use when making unethical decisions. We began this session with a list of scenarios and we had to choose from A-D on how we would respond. Some answers were definitely more ethical than others, but it was important for us to be honest. For example, we were asked if although it is technically illegal to take more than one piece of fruit out of the cafeteria, would we do if we were really hungry? The most common answer: Yes. The right answer: no. So, without further ado, the dirty dozen:

  1. It’s for your own good
  2. Everybody does it
  3. Who am I to judge?
  4. You’re a bigger one
  5. It’s not my job
  6. Nobody is hurt
  7. It’s too important
  8. It’s not important
  9. The end justified the means
  10. I’m only human
  11. It’s a stupid rule
  12. Ethics is a luxury I can’t afford right now

Not only did this session open my eyes to how I make judgements in my everyday life, it also helped me realize how I will make future decisions in my job and especially in my leadership roles.