There’s No Place Like Home


It’s true people.

Theres something so satisfying about hopping into your bed at home; whether it’s after a long day of work, school, after a vacation, or in my case, after sleeping in a twin xl bed that can only get so comfy. As most of you know, growing up I was often the child that left a sleepover early because I struggled with homesickness. So to me, my home is a very special place to me. Before heading to college I told myself that coming home every weekend was not an option(especially because of weekend marching band performances). I knew that if I didn’t allow myself to settle in here, I would never get the full college experience and develop my independence. So, when coming home after a couple long weeks, there are many things that I realized I took for granted before I went away. Things as simple as home cooked meals, free laundry, a room to myself, familiar people all around me, my cozy bed, to things like snuggling with my parents, going to concerts, spending time with my best friends, and being with Will. Just looking at this list though makes me realize how truly blessed I am to have a home that is so near and dear to me and to have such amazing family and friends that when I do go home, we can just pick up from where we left off. College is truly such an amazing experience and I know I am already developing lifelong friendships and a place to call my second home, but never will I ever forget to spend some of my weekends at my real home, snuggled up with my family and friends.


Thank you to everyone back at home who have sent me texts, letters, Facebook messages, etc., encouraging me and letting me know you are praying for me. It honestly has meant so much to me and I am so thankful for all your love and support while I am doing what I love and pursuing my passions at my favorite college ever.

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My Comfort Zone Was So Comfy Though…

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This past weekend was my first “Mentor Mentee Retreat” for LAS. The weekend was filled with many laughs, good talks, and of course, lots of leadership training. Heading into the weekend, I’m going to be honest, I just really wanted to stay in my dorm and catch up on much-needed sleep. I was really struggling with homesickness the night before and all I wanted to do was go home and be with my family; God clearly had this weekend all planned out because wow, was my mind totally changed after being on the retreat for just 5 seconds. I was so nervous as the weekend began because so many LAS people are crazy outgoing and that is one thing that I am definitely not(but trying to work on). When we broke into our small groups, we talked a lot about what we were looking to get out of the retreat and someone in my group responded that they wanted to step out of their comfort zone. Merriam-Webster defines a comfort zone as, “a place, situation, or level where someone feels confident and comfortable” Some examples of my comfort zone’s are church, family, marching band, Clarkston; anything but being around new environments. It wasn’t until the team building activities that I really realized how small my comfort zone was, and without the help of my fellow LAS friends it would have stayed that way. What I never realized before stepping out of my comfort zone was HOW DARN FUN THINGS ARE WHEN YOU AREN’T IN IT. Life is so boring if you just live your life in your little box doing the same things all the time. I can easily say I would’ve never enjoyed the high ropes course if all I worried about was how high up were. I would’ve never met half the LAS people I did if I wouldn’t have just sat down next to them at a meal; and I definitely wouldn’t have learned all about trust and leadership if I never would’ve stepped out of my comfort zone.

So many times I have let my anxiety get the best of me, but not anymore. It is SO hard to ever learn anything new or grow as a person/leader if you don’t take risks. I climbed a wall that had no ropes and nothing to hold onto simply because I put all my trust in my teammates to help me climb over it and forced myself to try new things, and it was so darn fun. So, ditch your comfort zone and have some fun because I promise, it WILL be more fun.


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