It’s ok to just say “no”. In fact, it’s better!

Recently, my cohort was asked to think about whether "leadership comes from saying the words 'yes' or 'no'." After first reading the prompt, I honestly didn't even get what the question was asking, hence why it has taken me a whole week to even write this post. I let this question sit in my head for days as... Continue Reading →


Ellen DeGeneres. Or, as Grace used to call her, Ellen the generous.

When I first say the name "Ellen DeGeneres", what comes to your mind? Her tv show? Her humor? All the awesome gifts she gives away? Dory from Finding Nemo? Do her leadership qualities stick out? For me, Ellen is one of the most inspiring and motivated leaders I can think of. Not only is she... Continue Reading →

Leadership Lecture #1

If you read my Connections blog post you would've read about my favorite lecture on the trip, but, I would like to share another one that really spoke to me personally while also on a leadership scale as well. For those of you who know the Peterson family, you know that the arts is something we... Continue Reading →

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