Leadership Lecture #1

Leadership Training

If you read my Connections blog post you would’ve read about my favorite lecture on the trip, but, I would like to share another one that really spoke to me personally while also on a leadership scale as well. For those of you who know the Peterson family, you know that the arts is something we are all very passionate about so when I saw a lecture titled “Dancing Through Social Change”, I knew I had to go. This lecture talked a lot on how the arts: dancing, singing, drawing, writing, playing an instrument, etc. really ties people together and speaks through people. Not everyone loves public speaking, but they may love getting in front of a crowd and dancing. One example we talked about was with Bindi Irwin’s experience on Dancing with the Stars. Before appearing on the TV show, Bindi didn’t really like talking about the loss of her Father, and it wasn’t until the dance practices leading up to the performance that she really broke down about it. I personally connected with this a lot after losing my Grandma. My Grandma was also a lover of music and she had a beautiful voice. After she passed away, I would listen to her favorite classical pieces and I would feel like I was sitting in her living room listening to them with her. In connecting this to my leadership style, I realized that I can use my musical talents such as dancing and playing my clarinet to really showcase and spread my passions. I don’t have to stand in front of a crowd and talk about how to change America or become a better leader, I can display through things I love.


Link to Bindi’s performance here! I would definitely take the few minutes to watch.