Finding That Spark!

Leadership Training

What’s being a leader without going to many leadership events??

This past Friday I was able to spend a chunk of my day at an event called Spark that the Leadership Institute here at CMU puts on for any student on campus that wants to better their leadership skills. As a part of this event, we took time to really learn about leadership styles and what our leadership styles are. There are 4 leadership styles: direct, spirited, systematic, and considerate. I scored the highest in the considerate leader style, meaning that as a leader I work to accommodate everyone’s needs in the group and help maintain team harmony. Although I scored highly in this style, I can also see a little bit of myself in each of the other categories and that’s whats important. No leadership style is better or more important than another. Each style works together to be successful.


picture by the Leadership Institute staff

After leaving Spark, I am now very eager to work with groups and use the strengths of my style to help lead. I am also looking forward to challenging myself to become better in the other categories as well. One style that I would like to work on is becoming more of a spirited leader as well. I want to be able to provide a spark to groups when their energy seems to be dragging or just be more spontaneous. I know that a lot of my favorite leaders were the ones who were very fired up and that made me more excited as well. I encourage you to find which leadership style best describes you and to read into it more! Everyone is a leader whether or not you think you are.